Welcome to the Astar LLC web site. We are experts in training and optimizing Pellerin Milnor industrial laundry systems, we specialize in Milnor CBW continuous batch tunnel washer systems.

We also use the latest in SDT Ultrasonic Detectors for predictive and preventive maintenance. If you have production critical continuous operation rotating machinery, ultrasonic inspections need to be a part of your condition monitoring program.

Industrial Laundry Systems
Tunnel Washer Services

With over 18 years factory experience at Pellerin Milnor in the areas of customer service, field engineering, training and education our special knowledge can help you solve many of your industrial laundry system problems. learn more

Milnor CBW tunnel washer

For over 20 years on six continents, Randy Stiver, has trained thousands in optimizing, servicing, and troubleshooting Milnor Continuous Batch Washer (CBW) tunnel washer systems for the industrial laundry industry. learn more

Randy Stiver CBW Tunnel Washer Training
Optimization and Reliability

We can help you increase your production and get the most reliability from your tunnel washer, press, and dryers.

Milnor 58058 Dryers

Ultrasonic Detectors
Airborne Ultrasound

Whether it's compressed gas leaks or electrical discharge, airborne ultrasound can help you identify and pinpoint your problems. learn more

Ultrasonic Airleak Detection
Structure-borne Ultrasound

For the earliest warning of bearing condition and lubrication needs, for fluid flow in steam traps, and hydraulics, structure-borne ultrasound is the solution. learn more

Ultrasonic Condition Monitoring
Ultrasonic Applications

The widest range of applications of any of the predictive maintenance technologies. The perfect complement to any vibration analysis or infrared thermal imaging condition monitoring program. learn more

Ultrasonic Products
SDT 170 Ultrasonic Detector
SDT 170 Ultrasonic Detector
learn more

Sherlog is the solution for tamper-proof tightness testing in the Marine Industry.
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software released - a time waveform, spectral analysis, and audio software.

NEW! Ultrasound Flash Videos

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